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I saw your post and just wanted to say how well tempered your dogs truely are! I got Charlie back in December of 2017 and she has been nothing but a great dog! She now takes the brunt from my 2 year old like a champ
Charlie's Family

You did so good raising him as a pup!! He’s perfect!! Soooo patient, just like you said!!! 🥹🥹🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you

  Dannette Hermeier he is the sweetest, smartest, cutest pupper! My friend is starting a program to have dogs trained as therapy dogs and then have them read with students in our elementary school. Zeke will be in her pilot group. And he will be great— he is so gentle with people of all ages who stop us while we walk around town and want to pet our handsome Zeke!
Zeke's Family

  It has been far too long since I posted a life update! We have several exciting things to share and I know people don’t want to read a chapter book on the Ackerson’s so ill post individually over the next few days! First up, Jordy Ackerson our F1 goldendoodle (mom a golden retriever and his dad a standard size poodle).

  About this time last year I started researching service dogs for Nora. There is a 2 or 3 year wait list, retrieving freedom pointed me in the direction of the good dog center in Decorah as to getting a puppy and training our own. The good dog center pointed me with an amazing breader Hermeier Doodles in waukon! Dannette and Krystal are amazing!! We took Nora up there to see how 3 dogs interacted with her and her wheelchair. Jordy was amazing right from the start so attentive to Nora. It truly was a special bond with a very special pup! We knew he belonged with our family! He went right from Hermeier’s to a board and train at the good dog center in Decorah. There he learned all the puppy basics and started training on how to walk with a wheelchair. We brought him home in July and our hearts have been so full! He knew right from the start that Nora is his person. He follows her everywhere, to the bathroom, in the bathtub everywhere she goes.

  Not long after we had him home, Nora had a seizure. At only 4 months old Jordy acted just the way we would want him to in that situation next to Nora. When she came threw it he laid on the floor next to her, he knew!

  We have worked with amazing trainers, where jordy continues to work on skills he will end up being a skilled companion and therapy dog. We need to also share his love with others as he is just sooo amazing! For Nora we are working on if Nora says “button” he will go to the button on the wall and it alerts us and our phones that Nora needs us. So if she needs help, if she falls, whatever it may be she will say “Jordy button” and he will do his job. We also plan to teach him to stand next to her to help stabilize her balance as she stands to brush teeth or whatever it may be down the line. Nora loves and finds so much joy in training Jordy! She will tell you what your supposed to do to train him, how to correct him, and what he is and is not supposed to do!

  Jordy goes everywhere with our family, we can’t get out the door without him! ? we have been beyond blessed to be placed with him and by his breeders who are amazing! Now for the overload of pictures on Jordy in our 7 months together! ?

Ackerson's Family

  Taking my son to soccer practice and first time with the dogs off leash by
Myself without Mario. I’m a scared cat without Mario. Saw 3 dogs. Blu ignored them all and was just by my side. Passed two aggressive dogs who are always loose in the neighborhood and he totally ignored them. I’m always secure with blu. He’s honestly the best and doesn’t react to anything. Especially aggressive dogs. Proud of Blu and the way you raise these little guys.
Dog In Croatia

  Our mini Bernedoodle Oscar is a big ball of love! Everywhere we go, people are so curious about him and comment on how handsome he is. Thank you, HermeierDoodles!
Lynnea Emerson

  I wanted to tell you, I have groomed a few of your dogs & puppies as new customers to my grooming business and they are definitely stand outs with such great behavior. You should be very proud of how well behaved your dogs & puppies are ? I am the owner & groomer of Rivers’s Edge Grooming in rural Decorah
Tara Dawley

  Hello to Arlo’s original human mama. We just wanted to let you know Arlo has tested successfully for his AKC novice and intermediate trix.
  Dannette, I want to let you know this dog is so easy to train. The only thing limiting him is Mike and I.

  We LOVE our Norman! He is the most gentile and well behaved dog. HermeierDoodles is a one of a kind and top notch breeder. I live in Texas but have referred her to many of my friends!
Megan Aslin

  We picked Rosie! Were you already working with her on training!? The simple things seems as if she had been worked with on as she does VERY well. Rosie sit, Rosie come, Rosie house, Rosie Stay. All very well and since she had a doggy door if we leave the door “open” just cracked. She helps herself which has helped. She’s 17lbs from our scale. She’s is very well behaved

  Dannette was so great during the entire process! She certainly knows her doodles and spent time talking with me to understand what dog would be a good fit for me and my household. As a first time doodle/puppy owner she never made me feel that my questions were silly and always made sure she was doing the best thing for me and for the puppy! I highly recommend any Hermeierdoodle as they are sure to be an amazing member of the family!
Kathryn Merriam

  We went from getting our family’s first dog, to our second, in six months! The Hermeier’s do such a fantastic job preparing these pups for the world. We have three young kids, and two foster girls with cognitive delays, so having a dogs history was important to the safety of our family members. We couldn’t be happier with our Gus and Lucy.
The hard work and dedication Dannette puts into her breeding program is amazing. I especially appreciate the care and well being the dogs receive. We looked for the perfect breeder for almost one year, before finding the Hermeier’s. We went to visit her facility to meet the parents of the puppy, before the puppies were even born! We loved how much she cared for her dogs. She helped our young girls overcome their uneasiness being around dogs. You can tell she truly cares about her dogs, her puppies, and where the puppies end up going to their forever homes.
Thank you Dannette, for completing our family.
Sally Walmer

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You brought about another therapy dog! Daisy had a great first experience working as a therapy dog at one of our local schools! She brought a lot of smiles, got to listen to some great readers and got lots of belly rubs!

Six Months! She’s so smart, so sweet and so happy!!! Best decision we ever made to get a pup from you. 

 We passed! So proud of this pup! 
Natalie Colosky

  Zena is just shy of 4 months old and I can leave for work all day long and she can run the house and she is so good I would have never imagined in my life she would be able to do this especially this young she’s amazing thank you again for her
Zena's Mom

 Some photos and videos from the last couple months. Mazie is doing great and I thank my lucky stars every day for her! She is such a sweet, sassy pup. I’ve learned she loves the beach and country music! Thank you she is the best!

  Dannette is a dream to work with! Her pups are well bred and well raised. The hardest part was only getting one puppy. My pup came to me at 8 weeks nearly completely housebroken, with delightful manners, an amazing temperament and great social skills with bigger dogs. I highly recommend!
Ami Rae

  I can’t give enough praise to Danette and her breeding program. She answered any and all questions I had and I could tell how passionate she was and how much she loves her dogs. She encouraged us to come visit, and we did that when we picked our puppy. Her facilities are top notch and VERY clean. She even held onto our puppy so that we could pick her up after riding RAGBRAI! Our Olive is only 5 months old and she is an amazing pup. She was easy to housebreak/bell train, she is gentle with our kids, she is SO smart, and she is SO easy to train. She is very confident and attentive, and she has no anxiety around people, dogs, loud noises, or busy places. You know you’ve found the right breeder when the dog trainer pulls you aside after class and tells you how good of a puppy you have! When we are looking for another dog, Danette will be the person we go to!
Dawn Alam

  Six months! She’s so smart, so sweet and so happy!!! Best decision we ever made to get a pup from you
Amy Robinson

  Best Breeder best pups in the USA!
Brad Whippo

  Our vet wanted to speak with any potential breeder’s vet to ensure we were dealing with someone who was responsible and cared about all their dogs. After that conversation, she told us we’d found our puppy! We love our year-old labradoodle, who turns heads wherever he goes!
Brenda Wagonner

  I have the most wonderful doodle for me!! Chloe is more than I hoped for. Having been sound desensitized and handled right from the start of her life, she is easy to train and eager to learn; very social with people and dogs and very affectionate. I groom her myself daily. She is learning to settle on commandand walk on a relaxed lead. She travels in the car quietly and is just a joy to be with. She is 6 months old now and has no signs of allergies or the digestive problems I have been reading about w so many doodles.
I plan on getting another one after Chloe is a year old so she has a playmate. I wouldn’t even consider getting another pup from anyone except Hermeier doodles. They just have such an extraordinary start in life and bred to be healthy dogs!! Sometimes u get what u pay for, and buying from a reputable breeder, especially the best breeder, is one of those times!
Rita McBride

  Oh my gosh Dannette, I’ve been meaning to post on Facebook, and write you also. Jordy (Mr. Black string) is absolutely amazing!!! Im sure you get it all the time, but really I feel he is so special and is soo attentive to Nora just like he has been from the start! He was at the good dog center for 4 weeks Pam worked on walking him next to a wheelchair, and along with all the other puppy rules. Nora has had a seizure since we have gotten him and he acted just the way we want him to.
  We are working with a trainer here at home and he’s getting close to CGC testing. We will have him therapy certified and also will be a skilled companion for Nora. We are working on “button” which means if Nora needs us and we are not close by she says jordy button he presses it and it alerts us and sends our phones a text that Nora needs us!!! You couldn’t have been more right that he is the right fit for our family!!!!!

  We highly recommend Dannette and HermeierDoodles! So much so that 18 months after getting our first doodle from her, we returned all the way from Ohio for a second!
Dannette works with everyone to find the perfect fit for the whole family. She raises beautiful dogs that are truly loved and cared for from day one. She’s not just a breeder, she’s a wonderful person that truly cares for bringing two and four legged families together!
You will get only the best and can’t go wrong!
Janelle Finnie

  Look no further for a breeder. You found the place right here. Couldn’t be happier with our girl and we are now looking to add another to our family!
Zacariah David Rogers

The wonderful family member we purchased from Danette is just outstanding. Smart, gentle, loving, adorable, easily trainable and not nervous about anything! And did I mention smart??? You will not be sorry getting a pup from Danette…she cares about her babies even after they leave her care. I’d recommend her pups to my best friend. You will not be sorry!
Paula Hillenbrands Niklewicz

  Our labradoodle has been amazing. From day one she adjusted perfectly and was a breeze to train.
Melissa Heitz

  Dannette and her family raise the most amazing puppies. From early potty training to desensitization, all of their puppies make awesome family dogs, therapy dogs, and more. You will not be disappointed with a puppy from one of their litters.
Kelly Larson Null

  The love they pour into the puppies is evident, as is their expertise in raising newborn puppies. They’re so well adjusted when they go home! We had loud storms the first 3 nights our now-7 month old pup came home and she was completely unphased. She’s still a puppy in her energy and mischief, but she’s also so smart, sweet, and perfect with our now-1 year old! She trained to potty outside so well and kennel training was a breeze. She’s vocal when she doesn’t want to be in it during the day, but settles in and deals so well. We wanted a Labradoodle to have the smart, fun, kid-friendliness my husband and I knew growing up with labradors, but with an allergic child, full lab wasn’t an option. This family ensured we had a parent mix that would be non-shedding, while still getting a full sized dog to fit our health needs AND preferences. At 57#, we got it! I would recommend anyone to this breeder!
Emily Johnson Wilkinson

Complete Application

YOU MUST first complete our puppy application before placing a reservation deposit.
You can contact me, Dannette, at any of the following options with questions:
Phone- 563-568-8611,
Or On Facebook



We will review your application and reach out typically within 24 hours. After your application is reviewed we will contact you. We want to have a conversation with our buyers about their preferences for a future puppy and combine them with our knowledge of what puppies or litters have best suited families similar to yours. We will work together to decide which litter’s reservation list is best for you.


Once you have talked to a member of HermeierDoodles through any of the above routes of contact and solidified which litter is best for you, place your $400 dollar nonrefundable deposit. This deposit comes out of the final price of your puppy. This deposit is nonrefundable but if fewer puppies are born than families on the reservation list, your deposit can be moved to a different Hermeier Doodle litter. Reservations on a first come first served basis, and families are added to reservation lists in order of when their deposits arrived.