Poodle puppies

Be Better – Do Better

Here at Hermeierdoodles we always trying to be better and do better. My name is Dannette,  Krystal and I  work in tandem as we strive to produce the highest quality Doodle Puppies in the country. Both of us work to set the bar high in every aspect of what we do. We feel very fortunate that we get to meet amazing people as we breed our family dogs with a purpose. We work together well because we are both passionate about bringing up amazing puppies for all of you and your families to enjoy that go straight from our house to yours.


Cami and Briggs

Due May 1st 2023


– Mini Poodle’s are non shedding and smart.

– $3000 

– Expected Colors: Red abstract, phantoms, black and white parti

– non-shedding

– Genetically tested

– 12-20 lbs full grown

– Amazing family-friendly and healthy puppies.

 Reservation List – The List is all the same for all litters. You can pick from whichever list but you can’t hold up the picking process at 5 weeks.  

Burkley & Ramsey

Small Standard Poodles

Mother is Burkley –  Parti Standard Poodle

Father is Ramsey –  Moyen Poodle

Due Nov, Go Home –


– Minimal to Non-shedding.

– Genetically Tested

– Colors will be Phantoms, Choc merle, and choc, and parti.

– $3000 Pet, $6,000 breeding

– AKC registered

– These puppies will be 35-45 lbs full grown.

– Championship conformation lines. Burkley is shown
in agility, rally and obedience and is a previous champion.

– Burkley is a certified Therapy dog from Alliance of Therapy Dog

Reservation List. List is all the same for all litters. You can pick from whichever list but you can’t hold up the picking process at 5 weeks.

1) Hermeierdoodles
2) Bethany Ellingson


How It Works
Deposit and Application Explained

Complete Application

YOU MUST first complete our puppy application before placing a reservation deposit.
You can contact me, Dannette, at any of the following options with questions:
Phone- 563-568-8611,
Or on Facebook



We will review your application and reach out typically within 24 hours. After your application is reviewed we will contact you. We want to have a conversation with our buyers about their preferences for a future puppy and combine them with our knowledge of what puppies or litters have best suited families similar to yours. We will work together to decide which litter's reservation list is best for you.


Once you have talked to a member of HermeierDoodles through any of the above routes of contact and solidified which litter is best for you, place your $400 dollar nonrefundable deposit. This deposit comes out of the final price of your puppy. This deposit is nonrefundable but if fewer puppies are born than families on the reservation list, your deposit can be moved to a different Hermeier Doodle litter. Reservations on a first come first served basis, and families are added to reservation lists in order of when their deposits arrived. At the time of Pick up we will have you fill out the purchase agreement on our "Payment & Paperwork" page.