Breeding Mothers


F1b Petite Bernedoodle 16 Lbs.

Bailey is petite in size and is full of personality. This little girl loves to be held, and makes the perfect lap dog. Bailey is also super loyal, smart, and just the perfect companion.


Petite Bernedoodle 34 Lbs.

Luna is a great little size Petite Bernedoodle. She is great with kids and has all the smarts.


Australian Labradoodle 20 Lbs.

Meet our cute Goldie.


Multigenerational Labradoodle 23 Lbs.

Willow is our beautiful Multi gen Chocolate Labradoodle. She is only 23 lbs. She has a sweet and kind disposition. She is an old soul. We love her so much. 


Mini English Goldendoodle 25 Lbs.

Teddy is a quiet girl that loves her guardian home.  Teddies best friend as you can tell is her sister Hannah.  Teddy weighs 25 lbs and is clear on embark and her grandpa was imported from Ukraine.  She is a beautiful girl with a nonshedding coat and great head and shoulders.  She is perfectly proportioned and is a happy girl.


AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Meet Kia! She is a AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog who has a deep chest, her head is flat and broad with a strong muzzle and large eyes that offer an intelligent expression. She has an even-temper and calm disposition. She’s patient, loves to please everyone, and so tolerant of energetic kids that may want to climb all over her big, furry body. She doesn’t have the normal bernese temperament where guardianship happens she will lead you to the money. 


Mini Labradoodle – 25lbs

Meet Jules. She is a wonderful outgoing personality and the softest fleece coat. She lives with a family in Waukon Iowa and is one of their children. Jules is 25lbs of pure happiness.  She has had one litter for us and they trained easily and are very loving pets.


English Creme Retriever

  Meet our sweetheart North. She is an AKC English Creme Retriever. She has a wonderful temperament. She has excellent structure and top notch health.  North lives with Krystal and her family and weighs in at 80lbs.  She is the sweetest dog and put together so well.


Miniature F1b Tri Labradoodle

Meet Gypsy.  Gypsy is a 15lbs miniature labradoodle that is the pride of her guardian home.  Gypsy loves everyone and always has a smile on her face as you can see.  Gypsy had her first litter and they didn’t disappoint with temperament and color.  I know her bouncy personality will carry over to all of her puppies.  


F1 Bernedoodle

  Meet Fallon our lovely f1 bernedoodle. Fallon is an incredible bernedoodle. She is loving and so kind. She loves everyone and especially little children. She’s happy to play with other dogs and she’s utterly gentle with little kids. Fallon lives with my business partner Krystal Regan and her family.  Fallon is embark tested. Fallon weighs in 70lbs.


F1 English Goldendoodle

Josie is a f1 English Goldendoodle is the love of her family. She is 62lbs and we are so excited for her and Ryder puppies. Josie loves her sister and wants to be by people all the time.


F1b Standard Labradoodle

  Meet Marley. This is our fun-loving f1b standard labradoodle. This girl has an awesome coat and great long ears. She loves to play and Marley will never pass up the opportunity to jump in the water.  Marley makes everyone laugh. We can’t imagine life without Miss Marley and she lives with my friend in Harpers Ferry on the Mississippi River.


F1 Mini Borderdoodle

  Meet our little Lola. She is a darling little f1 mini borderdoodle. Lola is owned by my good friend Nikki and she lives with her and her family. We are in love with her temperament and her size and she is so easy to take anywhere.  Lola is always bred to my studs and I am so happy to help Nikki sell these wonderful pups. 


Harlow – Golden Retriever

  Meet Harlow our beautiful 60lb Golden Retriever. Harlow is owned by my good friend Krystal and lives with her family. Harlow has a beautiful deep red coat and loves everyone. She has great energy but is not overbearing and will cuddle all day.  Harlow is cleared from genetics on embark.


Snow – CKC F1b Miniature Labradoodle

  Snow is a Mini F1b Sable (Cream) Labradoodle. She is cleared from genetic issues and Registered CKC.  She is 16″ tall at her shoulder and weighs 15lbs. Snows mom is our wonderful Sunny and Wrigley is her dad. For a miniature dog she still holds many of the qualities people look for in large dogs. ​ Per embark Snow is 50% Small Poodle, 25.8% Standard Poodle, and 24.2% Labrador Retriever.  She is completely clear per Embark


Misty – F1 Borderdoodle

  Misty is a beautiful 27lb F1 Borderdoodle. Misty was a fist year obedience champ. Her desire to please her people makes obedience and rally a breeze! When she’s not working on obedience she’s the families best friend and loves every member of every age. She’s super quick to be at your side for a long training session or just as quick to turn off and snuggle.


Bella – AKC CGC Standard Poodle

  Bella is a beautiful AKC poodle that comes from show lines.  She is crazy athletic and such a wonderful goofy personality.  She is short and thick with a beautiful square head and shoulders.  She is genetically cleared through Canine Health Check and is 44 lbs.


F1 Mini Goldendoodle

  Meet Dash she is a 24lb beautiful F1 Goldendoodle that lives with my business partner Krystal and her family. This little girls loves everyone and is best friends with Krystals daughter. She is usually found napping on back of the couch or snuggled up on someone’s lap. She is genetically tested through embark and this will be her first litter.


Faith – F1 Bernedoodle

  Faith is a beautiful F1 Bernedoodle owned by my friend Krystal Regan. This girl is a wonderful and loyal girl that lives in their house and is the apple of her kids eyes.  She is 55lbs and genetically tested.  She is a short stocky girl and truly has everything anyone would be looking for in the breed.


Brooklyn – F2 English Goldendoodle

  Brooklyn is our sweet F2 English Goldendoodle. She has the sweetest personality. We love her colors and her high intelligence and the fact she is so quiet.  She is a beautiful girl with  great conformation and just a happy dog. She is 35lbs 

How It Works
Deposit and Application Explained

Complete Application

YOU MUST first complete our puppy application before placing a reservation deposit.
You can contact me, Dannette, at any of the following options with questions:
Phone- 563-568-8611,
Or on Facebook



We will review your application and reach out typically within 24 hours. After your application is reviewed we will contact you. We want to have a conversation with our buyers about their preferences for a future puppy and combine them with our knowledge of what puppies or litters have best suited families similar to yours. We will work together to decide which litter's reservation list is best for you.


Once you have talked to a member of HermeierDoodles through any of the above routes of contact and solidified which litter is best for you, place your $400 dollar nonrefundable deposit. This deposit comes out of the final price of your puppy. This deposit is nonrefundable but if fewer puppies are born than families on the reservation list, your deposit can be moved to a different Hermeier Doodle litter. Reservations on a first come first served basis, and families are added to reservation lists in order of when their deposits arrived. At the time of Pick up we will have you fill out the purchase agreement on our "Payment & Paperwork" page.