Our Story

Dannette Hermeier

  is the owner and founder of HermeierDoodles. Here Dannette and Krystal breed both English and non-English Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles, Bernedoodles and Australian Bernedoodles, and a small number of Borderdoodles. We breed miniature, medium, and standard-size puppies. We also breed F1 through Multigenerational litters. We are state-licensed and pride ourselves on being ethically and morally sound. We utilize guardian homes and our own homes to give our breeding dogs loving and wonderful lives that result in kennel-free living. We prioritize socialization for our puppies as well as a lifetime of healthiness and cleanliness (including their time at our home).

How It Works
Deposit and Application Explained

Complete Application

YOU MUST first complete our puppy application before placing a reservation deposit.
You can contact me, Dannette, at any of the following options with questions:
Phone- 563-568-8611,
Or on Facebook



We will review your application and reach out typically within 24 hours. After your application is reviewed we will contact you. We want to have a conversation with our buyers about their preferences for a future puppy and combine them with our knowledge of what puppies or litters have best suited families similar to yours. We will work together to decide which litter's reservation list is best for you.


Once you have talked to a member of HermeierDoodles through any of the above routes of contact and solidified which litter is best for you, place your $400 dollar nonrefundable deposit. This deposit comes out of the final price of your puppy. This deposit is nonrefundable but if fewer puppies are born than families on the reservation list, your deposit can be moved to a different Hermeier Doodle litter. Reservations on a first come first served basis, and families are added to reservation lists in order of when their deposits arrived. At the time of Pick up we will have you fill out the purchase agreement on our "Payment & Paperwork" page.

Our focus


We bring the highest standard of ethics and morals to everything we do. We are committed to creating a legacy that we are proud to call our own. We hope you choose to join the family.


Our 300 acre farm is the perfect place to raise puppies where they can be raised in a stress free environment resulting in well rounded companions and often times they go on to become therapy dogs.


We place great emphasis on breeding our puppies to be sound mentally and physically. Each puppy is empowered with a specific regimen of socialization and training so they can can reach their full potential in your home.

Titled dogs from hermeier doodles

CGC Title Ace


Therapy Title Benji

​Congrats to our one and only Benji. He completed his therapy title from Alliance of Therapy Animals on 6/29/2021. Benji is one of the best studs I have ever owned and couldn’t be more proud. This boy was raised at our house and he will be here till our last days.
I believe that only sound minded, happy, healthy dogs have a place in our program. I am a nurse 3 out of 14 days and my moms have to excel in mind and body to allow me to continue to take care of my human family. Thanks everyone for trusting me to bring you the best puppies I can. I love my life!!!

Therapy Certified & CGC Title Ryder

Hermeierdoodles now has two amazing Alliance of Therapy graduates. Congrats also to Ryder our amazing standard poodle. So proud of both of these boys.

CGC Title Juneau

Congrats to Juneau and Amy Robinson on her CGC Title. Juneau is one of our youngest CGC title holders.

CGC Title Bean

Meet our newest CGC Title! Bean I couldn’t be more proud of you. This little girl brings such joy to our home.

CGC Title Bella

Congratulations to Bella, our next CGC title holder. 

CGC Title & Therapy Certified Boon

Congratulations to Boon, He is CGC Titled and Therapy Certified.


Congratulations to Brynn, She is CGC Titled.

Therapy Certified

Another Therapy Certified Dog From Hermeier Doodles.

Therapy Certified

Brenner’s All Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Training Certificates! I believe I’m the one that really needed the training!! Next up, we’re working on Pet Partners Therapy Animal Handler Courses.

Therapy Certified

Brenner’s All Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Training Certificates! I believe I’m the one that really needed the training!! Next up, we’re working on Pet Partners Therapy Animal Handler Courses.


Empowering Each Puppy To Reach It’s Full Potential

“Our mini Bernedoodle Oscar is a big ball of love! Everywhere we go, people are so curious about him and comment on how handsome he is. Thank you, HermeierDoodles!”
- Lynnea Emerson